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Hello? Is this thing on?

I know, I know…I haven’t posted in MONTHS!  Lots of updates, so let’s get started : )

First off, I’m finally in a relationship with someone that lives in the same area code as me and thus. doesn’t require hopping on a plane to see each other!  Woo hoo!  Yeah, you laugh but it’s been 7 YEARS since I’ve been able to say that.  Things are going incredibly well and I can truly say, I’ve never been happier!


Next, I’m in the home stretch of completing my bachelors degree in social work! I’m doing my internship at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) here in Orlando.  Most of the residents are 85 and up.  I’m actually really enjoying working with this population!  I’m learning so much and I find it very fulfilling.  I’ll be happy when I’m finished and I have a steady job and a paycheck =)

Between my boyfriend, my internship, and of course, my family, I’ve had little time for anything else, although I’ve somehow found some new obsessions:  Pinterest. Sugarpill Cosmetics, and Amazon, just to name a few!

I’ve always had a serious infatuation with cosmetics…that’s nothing new.  Over the past few months I discovered a website called makeupbee.com, which features work by amateur and professional makeup artists and everyone in between!  While browsing this site, I came across some bold, exciting looks that I was anxious to try for myself but the colors were beyond anything I had in my collection. Thankfully, most of the artists listed the products used to create their looks and ta-da! I discovered Sugarpill and a new obsession was born!


I’ve since discovered other lines that I’m dying to try: Drama Queen & Makeup Geek are at the top of my list…great pigments like Sugarpill, so expect more wild looks real soon!

Other than that, life has been pretty lackadaisical but I’m definitely not complaining!  I’ve gained 15 lbs, I’m not exercising, and I’m living hand to mouth, but I’m in love and I’m happy!  I’m bringing happiness to others every day as well, and there’s nothing more rewarding than that : )


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