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Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – Oh My!

Ok, so it HAS been a while since I’ve blogged. The holidays kept me busy, not to mention that school had me completely drained – the LAST thing I wanted was to touch a keyboard.  Selfish, I know, so I’m back : ) For those of you who actually follow my blogs, you know Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday of them all!  The makeup, the costumes, decorations, the parties, trick-or-treaters, and last but not least, the simple fact that it is the kickoff to the holiday season : ) It was a hectic few months but I made it!  Halloween was awesome, as usual.  I managed to find a decent party and attended with a friend who happens to share my love of costumes & makeup so that alone was a bonus!  Our costumes were a total hit, which made for entertaining conversation.

Me & Tony (party host, -aka- "80s Coke Head" LOL!)

    I also took my daughter to a different neighborhood for trick-or-treating with her friend from school.  It was a great change of scenery: younger families with beautifully decorated homes and candy galore!  Every 11-year-old child’s dream come true!

My daughter dressed as the Greek Goddess, Athena, & her friend getting ready to hit the streets for some candy!

Come November, I made the most dee-licious Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, stuffing, glazed carrots (something fresh and healthy for a change), broccoli and mushroom casserole (another healthy change to the menu), mashed potatoes, cranberry-orange relish (also new) , and sweet potato casserole.  It was a relatively small gathering: my parents, my daughter, and 2 missionaries from our church, but never underestimate how much food two young men can put away in the span of an hour!
Before I knew it, it was the first week in December and my daughter was having a sleep over the night before her birthday, which would be ANOTHER party. Five tweens crammed into one bedroom, eating pizza and taking part in celebrity gossip ALL NIGHT….ugh!  I tell myself, “It’s only once a year” and somehow that gets me through it but once the last guest leaves and I get to put my jammies on, I’m down for the count!

Twas the night before Christmas

Christmas shrine 1

Soon enough, it’s Christmas Eve…what?!?  Where did the last few weeks go???  Christmas shopping was mostly an online experience, as it has been for the past few years.  It’s so much easier than looking for a parking spot at the mall or any shopping center and standing in seemingly endless lines! God bless the internet!

So here we are, less than a week from the start of a new year and despite all the chaos, I made it, and I did it in style ; )  In another week or so, I’ll be embarking on a part time internship for my undergrad degree in social work.  Because it’s PART TIME, I won’t finish until August but I welcome the more relaxed pace which will allow me to work, that is, if I can get a job!  Times are tough, or haven’t you heard? ; )

I posted my resume online the other day and was selected to attend an exclusive job fair with Aflac.  It’s a good company but I’m afraid it may be all about sales, which I dread, so we’ll see.  Tomorrow is the big day.

All in all, the holidays have been nice but I must admit, I’ve felt an emptiness these last few months. I was seeing a guy in Las Vegas but day by day, this void became stronger. I decided to end it before more time passed and it became even harder for both of us. It was extremely painful for both of us.  He probably hates me for it but I’m hoping that will pass.  Naturally, I’m second guessing my decision but the fact that most of the time my heart was filled with longing instead of pure happiness tells me that I did the right thing…at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

And there you have it, folks.  T minus 2 days and counting until we welcome 2012!  Are YOU ready?  I’m sick of complaining, making empty promises to myself, and focusing more on the negative parts of my life than the positive – I say BRING IT ON!


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