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The Dreaded Reality of Mortality

When I was young, I thought my parents would live forever – most kids do.  On occasion, the terrifying thought of death would cross my mind but it was always in the form of a car accident or a fire.  Never did it cross my mind that parents age, and in time, lose the abilities […]

“LOVE” is a cotton candy high

Ah, love…the butterflies in your stomach, waiting for the phone to ring, the anticipation of seeing each other again, etc. “The Honeymoon Phase”, as they call it, can last weeks, months, or rarely (VERY rarely), years.  Sadly, the older I get, the more cynical I become.  I’ve been knee-deep in BS more times than I […]

Being a guest in someone else’s (incredibly HUGE) house…

So it’s my first trip to Vegas in a number of years where I actually get to kick back and enjoy myself rather than get up at 6 am every morning, make myself beautiful, then spend 8 hours on my feet repeating the same schpeel to every man who walks by -who is usually more […]