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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

And no, I don’t mean Christmas:  the kids are back in school!  Before you know it, it will be October and then it will TRULY be the most wonderful time of MY year, as autumn has ALWAYS been my favorite season (despite the “seasons” in Florida consisting merely of “hot” and “hotter”) and Halloween, of course, my favorite holiday!

What’s not to like about the fall?  The temperatures drops a few degrees, fashions change, every retail store & restaurant breaks out their  “Pumpkin EVERYTHING”…coffee, muffins, bread, candles, oils, body lotions, sprays, etc.  This is also a time that, for me, nostalgia sets in.  I have flashbacks of my adolescent and early adult years in Connecticut of cherished crisp autumn days, brilliant colors of red, gold, and brown on the trees against  a backdrop of crystal clear blue skies .

Then suddenly, it’s October 31st!  The temperature seems to have dropped a good 25 degrees in a matter of days and a sweater no longer cuts it.  Time to break out the heavier jacket and swap out your shoes for the suede boots that spent the last 9 months in the back of your closet.  Jack-o-lanterns, spider webs, and scary movies are all around the town; clever costumes, face paint, and bags of candy fill the aisles of every grocery and drug store.  All Hallows Eve arrives and the doorbell rings every 10 minutes with another pack of trick-or-treaters holding out their sacks, anxiously awaiting another handful of sugar to add to the 30 houses they hit before yours.  The night ends and the next morning, it’s November 1st!

The Halloween decorations get stored for next year and out come those for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and a week later, we’re bringing in a new YEAR!

I’ve always loved Halloween, not only because of my love for dress-up, but because it is the start of the holiday season: a time for thanks, a time for family and friends.  Hopefully, regardless of your marital status and whether or not you HAVE a family  or if they are near by, you at least have a friend or two with whom to celebrate…and for me, that’s plenty : )


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