Love: The greatest joy and deepest sorrow

A poem I wrote in January, 2010…a few months after a horrible breakup and what remains one of my greatest heartaches to date…

I met a man some time ago…
he touched my soul, he made me whole.

Although we wanted different things,
each day we laughed; he gave me wings.

The conversations that we shared
made each of us just more aware

how good it was to be alive
to laugh, to share, to grow and thrive

Our friendship strengthened every day
and soon my fears just slipped away

I grew to miss him if he didn’t call
My heart felt empty, my needs were small

A quick hello…a one line text
I tried denying what was next

For the longing in my heart
was more than the loneliness of being apart

What had blossomed was so much more
than I had ever imagined or was looking for

A feeling greater than I’d ever known
A warmth one lacks when they’re alone

We made a pact “no matter what”
our love would endure, our bonds, we swore, we’d never cut

The more time that passed, the more I believed
We were in this to win it, I wasn’t deceived

And yet, some time later, to my painful surprise
I found I was wrong, he told me goodbye

I was confused, destroyed, numb inside
I cried for months, my heart had died

I thought we’d never speak again.
Perhaps that was best but the pain didn’t end.

In time, we began to reforge a bond
Our love was still there but would not go on

At least not at present, but I secretly pined
One day soon he’d return and again he’d be mine.


2 comments on “Love: The greatest joy and deepest sorrow

  1. that is very beautiful!!

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