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All I know is we all share regrets…

We’ve all heard it a million times:  “I’ve made mistakes in my life, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  No regrets.”  I’ve got one thing to say about that:  Bull sh!t Whatever mistakes we’ve made, and as humans, throughout our lifetimes we’re prone to making A LOT (“Well, it seemed like a good idea at […]

Love: The greatest joy and deepest sorrow

A poem I wrote in January, 2010…a few months after a horrible breakup and what remains one of my greatest heartaches to date… I met a man some time ago… he touched my soul, he made me whole. Although we wanted different things, each day we laughed; he gave me wings. The conversations that we […]

School’s (almost) back in session!

This is the time of year most parents look forward to…is that so terrible???  Let’s face it: entertaining children over the age of 5 for two months straight can be very costly!  And if you don’t have the loot to KEEP them entertained, most of those days (and NIGHTS) will be filled with incessant cries […]

Sitcoms & memories of the 90’s

While the sitcoms of the 90’s were entertaining the masses, I was still watching reruns of Three’s Company and Welcome Back Kotter on Nick at Nite.  What?!  Those were good shows!  Little did I know that a new, big haired raven beauty had people in stitches with her nasal voice and Lucille Ball-type humor.  Further, those […]


Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican mother and Irish-American father, Ms. Foy was always told she had an “exotic” look and was very comfortable in front of the camera.  At the age of 3, her family moved to the southern Connecticut, closer to her father’s home state of New York.  There she […]